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 Our Mandate

Our corporate mandate is to anticipate those technologies which will be health care delivery gamechangers, then have our doctor-led IT team engineer sustainable solutions.  Just as the digital EMR system radically altered - not necessarily in the ideal manner - how the doctor-patient interaction is conducted and documented, the digital health communication system will critically impact how health information is exchanged between stakeholders and ultimately how health care is delivered.  We believe that in the design of any system, common sense and functionality must take precedence over form.

Our focus since 2015 has been to develop the safest and most effective communication platform that will reduce or eliminate communication delays between health care stakeholders.  There are only two choices for the overall structuring of a digital communication platform. The first option is a single, centralized, mega-network Portal within which all the stakeholders in a province are connected as members.  Although it appears attractive to link all patients, doctors, pharmacists, labs and procedure facilities, the mega-network model has two Achilles heels: First, because the database is huge - similar to storing a speed-dial number for every person, health care provider and health care service in the province on your phone - the system is slow to run, back up and restore, with huge memory and storage requirements and service interruptions that affect everyone during maintenance or involuntary system downtimes.  Second, and of critical importance, the entire network can be corrupted, suffer personal information theft or be held for ransom by a single strategic Portal system hack or ransomware insertion.  

Here's where common sense comes into play.  Any man-made construction can be deconstructed.  Regardless how sophisticated the security, no system is impenetrable.  This is why we are committed to the second Platform architecture option: a Platform containing a multitude of independent, self-sufficient, decentralized micro-networks.  Each micro-network comprises one Health Care Provider's Portal connecting only to its members (the people who rely on that HCP) and to the Portals of colleagues and services on which that HCP relies. Because each Practice Portal is actually a distinct website with its own, relatively small database - similar to storing your personal contact list on your phone - operating a micro-network is fast, with low memory and storage requirements.  Significantly, there is little incentive for criminals to hack or insert ransomware into individual Practice Portals.  Compromising thousands of Portals on a decentralized micro-network platform becomes a monumental task, compared to the ease of hacking one centralized, mega-network Portal.  We had a two-fold challenge: to design elegant, yet simple-to-operate, full-service Portals that are affordable for individual primary care and specialist health care providers; to provide within our Platform the services that health care providers want and need to effectively conduct both the practice and the business of medicine.

 Our Mission Realized 


The ConsultSTAT Health Communication Platform eliminates the critical delays and inefficiencies that reduce the speed and quality of health care delivery to patients and which negatively impact practice profitability.  The Platform offers five cornerstone components to free up practice management bottlenecks, accelerate two-way communication and information transfer between stakeholders and additionally provide new revenue-generation opportunities for practitioners.

ConsultSTAT  Portals

ConsultSTAT Portals are the first cornerstone of the Platform. Every health care provider operates his/her exclusive practice Portal. 

Regardless of Portal type, each uniquely-designed membership website for patients or colleagues provides the fastest, most efficient, most secure form of communication between participants. There are three, practice-specific Portal types, which promote collaborative health care by facilitating back-and-forth online conversational dialogues.

The ConsultSTAT-Triage Portal: Collaborative Patient < > Practice and Pharmacy < > Practice Connectivity

In this Portal category, health care provider's office and member/patient dialogue to instantly schedule office visit appointments, to schedule and conduct revenue-generating eConsults between HCP and patient and to deliver relevant information, such as test results, referral appointment dates, etc. Patients may also self-book appointments online, with no staff intervention required. In all cases, each completed communication thread is transformed into a PDF and saved to the patient's medical record.
Patient benefits: No more phone busy signals and prolonged 'on-hold' waiting or telephone tag. No more delays and wasted time because of scheduling inefficiencies and "no-shows".
Universal benefits: Improved patient flow. More constructive use of staff.
Health provider benefits: Complete PDF documentation of the content of patient-staff online dialogues means reduced regulatory and legal concerns about the nature and quality of staff-patient discussions. eConsults represent a brand new revenue stream.

Similarly, health care provider's office and member/pharmacy dialogue to renew or modify prescriptions.
Universal benefits: No more phone or fax delays in prescription fulfillment.

The ConsultSTAT-Refer Portal: Collaborative Referring Practice < > Consulting Practice and Pharmacy < > Consulting Practice Connectivity

In this Portal category, consultant's office and referring health care provider's office dialogue to instantly schedule office referral appointments, to schedule and conduct revenue-generating eConfers between consultant and referring HCP on behalf of patients, to exchange referral request letter and consult reporting letter and to deliver relevant information documents.
Universal benefits: No more delays and wasted time as a result of the faxing process. Office benefits: Improved patient flow. More constructive use of staff.
Health provider benefits: eConfers represent a brand new revenue stream for both the referring health care provider and for the consultant.

Similarly, consultant's office and member/pharmacy dialogue to renew or modify prescriptions for referred patients.
Universal benefits: No more phone or fax delays in prescription fulfillment.

The ConsultSTAT-Services Portal: Instant Practice < > Diagnostic Lab and Practice < > Procedure Facility Connectivity

In this Portal category, diagnostic lab and procedure facility dialogue with health care provider's office or consultant's office to schedule appointments for patients and to exchange requisitions and test/procedure reports. HCP and consultant offices may also self-book urgent appointments for their patients, with no lab staff intervention required.
Universal benefits: No more delays and wasted time resulting from phone or fax scheduling.

 ConsultSTAT-Voice: Doctor < > Patient and Doctor < > Doctor Digital Telephony System for eVisit/eConsult and eConfer Telemedicine

ConsultSTAT-Voice is the second cornerstone of the Platform. It permits HCPs and patients or referring HCPs and consultants to talk to each other in real time from any location, utilizing computer/laptop/tablet and headset, smartphone or landline and simultaneously record the conversation. The recording is then downloaded as a .mp3 file and saved to the patient's medical record. This is the sine qua non requirement for telemedicine: complete documentation of remote doctor-patient and doctor-doctor phone conversations. It legitimizes phone consultations. eConsults can now replace office visits for minor problems, freeing up time for patient and HCP alike and creating a new revenue stream for the practice. eConfers can now permit the consultant to triage the need for or the urgency of an office consultation or alternatively to replace an office consultation with diagnostic/therapeutic advice, so that the primary care provider can continue to manage the patient locally.
Universal benefits: Solve patients' problems more quickly and more economically.
Health provider benefits: Recorded voice conversations means reduced regulatory and legal concerns about the nature and quality of phone-based communications between HCP and patient.

Built-in Practice Marketing and Broadcast System (optional)

The integrated broadcast system is the third cornerstone of the Platform. It permits HCPs or Consultants to broadcast to all members, or to designated segments of their members, simultaneously, to deliver educational or marketing information. The integrated suite of ConsultSTAT marketing tools provides do-it-yourself online video web page creation, publishing and hosting capability.  Practitioners with no IT experience can quickly and effectively create and display their marketing messages online and generate sales for products and services from members. The ability to publish single web page promotions and broadcast their links to members infinitizes the opportunities for new revenue streams for the practice. 

 Built-in Online Payment Gateway for Patients

The integrated online payment gateway is the fourth cornerstone of the Platform. The presence of a single step payment system induces patients to pre-pay online for eVisits/eConsults, eConfers and other non-insured, portal-specific revenue generators

Built-in Lean Office Processes with Analytic Tools

Integrated Lean Office Process methodology is the fifth cornerstone of the Platform. The ConsultSTAT Platform uniquely contains strategy-driven software:
to make doctors money, to save patients time and to make support staff happier and more efficient. Lean Office Process-based logic built into Portal workflow creates a highly intuitive interface which eliminates the most common appointment-booking and fulfillment bottlenecks.  Lean Office Process metrics identify remaining office inefficiencies.  They provide visual tools to help employers objectively assess and improve both the quality of communication and the performance and productivity of individual staff members.

 ConsultSTAT  Management 

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Dr. Stan Gore

Stan Gore, M.D., LL.B

Stan is a Canadian physician and businessman, with over 40 years experience in medical practice combined with a long history in clinical software development which began in 1990. He is president of Genome Development Corporation and founder and original Medical Director of LIPIDOCTOR Medical Clinics.  In 1990 Stan conceived and designed the workflows for ClinicMaster Medical Office Management software for Mac.  His recent focus has been the development of the first Canada-wide, health communication platform that promotes collaborative interactions between participants.  His extensive experience as owner/operator of a range of primary care and consultant practices combined with his medical software experience underpins ConsultSTAT workflows and operating logic.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
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Genome Development Corporation

Genome Development Corporation is a privately-held corporation with head office in Ontario. Since 1982, it has served as one of the few Canadian health care think tanks that actually implements the solutions it creates.  GDC innovations include designing and conducting clinical trials for generic Minoxidil (1985), achieving the first cloning of human hair follicle cells (1986) and development of the following products and services: ClinicMaster Medical Office Management Software (1990), TransderMedic transdermal delivery systems for cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical applications (2000), Skin Djinn Cosmeceutical line (2006), ConsultSTAT Health Communication Platform (2016). 

GDC's vision and promise is to facilitate communication among health care stakeholders and specifically to assure that health care providers are financially rewarded for expediting solutions to patients' problems.  We consider communication to embrace both information transfer and marketing.  GDC differentiates itself from traditional medical software providers by crafting not single pieces of software, but a complete, telemedicine- and marketing-enabled communication Platform that is strategy-driven.  The strategy driving every component of the ConsultSTAT Platform is the provision to practitioners of a true "e$$ system", fulfilling the promise:

 Earn $$.  Save You & Stakeholders Time, Effort, Money.

ConsultSTAT Online = Health Care On Time

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