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We're confident that the ConsultSTAT Platform can solve your biggest concern. Align your best interests - more free time and more money, generated from an enjoyable, efficient, low-overhead practice boasting fulfilled support staff and optimized doctor-patient interactions - with those of your patients - faster solutions to their health problems; minimal amount of time spent within the health care system - by converting phone, fax, efax, email and paper mail communications to 'any device, any location, any time' digital communication within your Portal and embracing eConsult, eConfer, broadcast and online payment capabilities.

Watch our short demo tutorials, which cover the simplest to the most complex patient disposition scenarios. You'll be amazed how such immensely powerful membership websites can be so effortless and intuitive to use. See how easy it is to carry on a multi-person conversation involving a multitude of staff tasks.

Participants in a ConsultSTAT-Triage conversation thread can include the patient or the pharmacist, multiple office staff (in the same or in different office locations) and the health care provider.

Participants in a ConsultSTAT-Refer thread can include the referring health care provider, multiple referring HCP’s staff (in the same or in different office locations), the consultant and multiple consultant’s staff (in the same or in different office locations).

Participants in a ConsultSTAT-Services thread can include the referring health care provider's staff and the diagnostic/procedure facility's staff (in a single office location).

See how seamlessly a ConsultSTAT Portal can integrate into your practice without causing any disruptions and with a short learning curve.

We invite you to personally test the 'Swiss Army Knife' of health care communication. By the time you’ve reviewed the tutorials, you’ll have received more than enough training to comfortably participate in a live, online interactive demo of a CS-Triage or a CS-Refer Portal (for health care providers) or a CS-Services Portal (for diagnostic/procedure facilities).

White Paper - Double Your Income
Reserved for HCPs: After you complete the videos, sign up for a live, interactive demo!  

We invite health care providers who want to communicate with patients to take a hands-on test drive of a ConsultSTAT-Triage Portal, as well as our new, online CS-Marketer Video Web Page Builder tool, which is part of our expanding marketing suite for CS-Triage+ subscribers.  Download our bonus White Paper: Effortlessly Boost Your Income with ConsultSTAT.  Your registration link for a live, interactive Portal demo is inside the White Paper.

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