Your ConsultSTAT-Marketer Video Tutorials

This video series demonstrates how easy it is to market goods and services to your Portal members.  You don't even require your own website.  You'll learn how to build - in minutes - an attractive, compelling video web page to promote and sell a specific good or service; how to create seasonal or time-limited offers and how to either be prepaid online by the patient or receive payment in the office.

Get Started Right Away With the Demos

See how easy it is to create your own marketing or educational video web pages with our online Video Web Page Creator tool, CS-Marketer

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1. Overview: Example Pages

Duration: 10m 38s

Examples of the kinds of ConsultSTAT-Marketer video web pages that can be created; how to edit existing pages.

2. Build & Publish a Page

Duration: 6m 27s

How to build a new page, publish it online and make it available to your members.

Reserved for health care goods & services and pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies: Learn about Portal advertising opportunities 

Just as we've expanded the range of revenue streams for health care providers, so can we offer you targeted income-generating opportunities that are win-win for you and health care stakeholders.  Read about them in our White Paper.  Additionally, just as our "Portal+" subscribers have access to CS-Marketer Video Well Page Builder tool, you too can test-drive it.  Your registration link for a live, interactive CS-Marketer demo is inside the White Paper.

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