Learn about the range of video web pages your can Build & Edit with our online tool

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CS-Marketer is an online application that lets you quickly build, edit and publish single video web pages.  Each page represents a separate marketing campaign and contains a single message and a single call to action.  You can use the page to market a product or service to your members, to sign up members to a designated mailing list, or simply to deliver an educational message.  You can include a countdown timer for limited-time offers.  You can create unlimited campaigns. We host your marketing web pages and provide you with a unique URL to each of your campaigns.  You communicate them to your Portal members via the email broadcast feature built into every Portal.  View a full description of how CS-Marketer adds value to your practice by clicking here.

In this video, after reviewing the variety of pages you can create, you'll learn how to edit an existing campaign.  It's very convenient to clone one campaign that you've already built, with the click of a button, then edit it, rather than build every page from scratch.

A CS-Marketer page has a number of elements that allow you quickly, easily and intuitively to create an infinite number of designs.  The background framing the content area of the page can be a solid colour, an image that you insert (you have access to our image library) or a video (you can insert a YouTube video in one click).  The content area contains a headline, your marketing or educational video (shoot a talking head video with you smartphone), an area for marketing copy and either a call to action button or an autoresponder sign up form.  

Each of your CS-Marketer web pages requires your logo.  If you have a custom-designed logo in .png format to upload, no problem. Otherwise, you can create your professional logo in minutes with one or more of the other tools we make available to every Portal+ member inside our online Marketing Suite.  View a full description of CS-Marketer-Logos by clicking hereView a full description of CS-Marketer-Icons by clicking here.


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