Learn how to Build and Publish a Video Web Page with CS-Marketer


This video takes you through each step of creating a video web page.  Once you've published it, a unique URL is created.  Simply direct your members to that URL.  The Transcript Download contains a simple guide that you can print.  View a full description of how CS-Marketer adds value to your practice by clicking here.

Each of your CS-Marketer web pages requires your logo.  If you have a custom-designed logo in .png format to upload, no problem. Otherwise, you can create your professional logo in minutes with one or more of the other tools we make available to every Portal+ member inside our online Marketing Suite.  View a full description of CS-Marketer-Logos by clicking hereView a full description of CS-Marketer-Icons by clicking here.

Note that CS-Marketer-Logos creations are size-adjustable, so you can use the tool to create not only logos, but also web page headers and banners! ​


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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