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What is the ConsultSTAT  Health Communication Platform?

The ConsultSTAT Platform is a unique online communication system that increases the speed and richness of doctor-pharmacist, doctor-patient. doctor-doctor and doctor-lab interactions. The Platform builds and hosts a dedicated Practice Portal for each of your prescribing doctors, within which you - as a member - interact with office staff and with the doctor by screen and keyboard. The Portal expedites every function currently performed by phone, fax or email and adds eConsult/eConfer telemedicine capability, so that you can verbally discuss therapeutic issues with the prescribing health care provider.

The ConsultSTAT Platform encourages you to broaden your network by registering as a member of Portals belonging to each of the family doctors, nurse practitioners and specialists who prescribe for your pharmacy's patients.  In this way, as each health care provider builds out an individualized, exclusive network of stakeholders - similar to the contact list on a business cellphone - you'll be included.  Here's an example of network-building by becoming a member of just one of your patient's Family Doctor's Portal and also of one of that patient's Specialist's Portal.

ConsultSTAT-Triage Family Doctor Portal


ConsultSTAT-Refer Consultant Portal
ConsultSTAT Platform Description

Why is Expedited, 2-Way Communication with Participants in this Network the Key to Faster, Safer Patient Solutions and Increased Revenue?

Delays and inefficiencies in medical offices compromise patient care and cost you and your staff valuable time. The ConsultSTAT Platform provides you the means to receive faster responses from prescribers and brings you new opportunities to market to prescribers and their patients.

Here's what a Doctor's ConsultSTAT  Portal Lets You Accomplish - at virtually No Cost!

  • Interact with your patients' primary care and specialist prescribers online.  
  • Request & Schedule a telemedicine medication review with a prescribing health care provider.
  • Participate in telemedicine medication reviews with prescribers.
  • Request/Receive prescription modifications/renewals online.
  • Joint-Venture with prescribers to market products & services on their Platform-hosted video web pages.

Here's a typical scenario. You log in to the primary care prescriber's ConsultSTAT-Triage Portal or into a specialist prescriber's ConsultSTAT-Refer Portal and initiate a Request to renew or modify a patient's prescription or to suggest an online telemedicine discussion with the doctor (eConsult) about therapeutic options.

Your request will be considered by the prescriber's staff and referred to the doctor if necessary. For a prescription, the prescriber's staff will either upload the approved prescription renewal/modification to the Request thread for you to download, or indicate in the thread why it has not been approved. For a medication review request, staff will schedule an eConsult for you with the prescriber. In either case, you'll receive an automatic email notification indicating that the prescriber's office has updated the Request thread with a new post. All email notifications are alerts only and never contain the contents of the update or any other patient health information.

What are the Benefits?

The Value We Bring to Your Pharmacy

Expedited: Evaporating communication delays and accelerating connectivity via online, digital communication are central to the ConsultSTAT Platform. The increased speed, ease and accuracy of online request fulfillment assures you and the patient faster, safer, more efficient health care delivery.

Lucrative: Only the ConsultSTAT Platform generates new, profit-boosting revenue streams for you and for the prescriber as a direct result of expedited communication and novel marketing opportunities.  For the first time, you'll have the ability to advertise not only on prescribing HCPs' Portals, but on their own marketing-focused, video sales pages. Target every patient-member of a prescriber's Portal. 

Accessible: Only as a member of a prescriber's ConsultSTAT-Triage or ConsultSTAT-Refer Portal can you instantly communicate with medical office staff and with the doctor or nurse practitioner, regardless of device - desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone - while employing normal, conversational language, not "computereze". Connect from any location.

Collaborative: ConsultSTAT Portals are structured like standard online 'help desks', promoting back and forth conversations. You initiate a Request thread by posting a prescription-related request or describing a problem you're having with the prescriber's patient. A dialogue ensues with prescriber's staff or health care provider until a resolution is reached. Each side of the conversation is added to the thread in chronological order. The thread dynamically updates simultaneously on the prescribing HCP's, the prescribing HCP's staffs', and your own desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device screens.

Permanently Documented: The Request thread is a complete and accurate record of the interaction between the pharmacy and the prescriber's office. Once the prescription request process has reached its conclusion, the prescriber's staff converts the entire Request thread into a PDF, which becomes part of the patient's medical record. In cases where an eConsult has occurred between you and the prescribing doctor and has been conducted textually (both parties using screen/keyboard) within the Portal, the contents are already part of the thread. If an eConsult has been conducted via ConsultSTAT-Voice (both parties using headset/computer or phone), both sides of the conversation are automatically recorded and downloaded as a .mp3 audio file, to be added to the patient's medical record.

Differentiation From the Competition

1) BUILT-IN EMPATHY:  We deliberately structured the Platform as an online 'longhand', narrative communication tool rather than as an online form-based system.  As a doctor, I love intake forms. They're great for patient-processing and for decreasing visit time.  They permit concise communication of symptoms of presenting problems and satisfy the history-taking requirements of professional regulatory bodies.  As a patient, I detest intake forms, particularly when they're used in a consultation for which I've waited many months.  Forms don't let me convey how I'm feeling right now and what effects the problem(s) are having on me.  Instead, they put me in a box, literally and figuratively.  I'm concerned that neither do they convey a full description of my problem, nor do they, because of their depersonalizing nature, engender empathy in the reader.  That's why, for complex problem consultations with my family doctor and for every specialist consultation, my practice as a patient has always been to type out an organized description of my problems and hand the page to my doctor at the time of the visit.  The Platform facilitates and dramatically expedites this process.  My complete problem description is now onscreen rather than in a paper narrative, but it's still in my own words.  It can even be reviewed by the doctor in advance, literally from the moment the appointment is requested.  At the time of the visit, the doctor can read it faster than I can verbalize it and in two keystrokes, can copy and paste it to the EMR or print it for the paper file.  Because the doctor no longer has to write in longhand or type out the presenting problem and history, the office visit provides us much more face-to-face time.  Both the office visit and any follow-up online communications let me feel that I've not only been heard, I've also been listened to!

2) BUILT-IN COLLABORATION: "Being listened to" is also the impetus for creating a Platform that promotes collaborative, two-way communication rather than one-way prescriptive communication.  As a referring doctor, I was dismayed by some of the faxed consultation letters I received.  After waiting so long for the consult, many reports were incomplete, not answering all of my concerns about the patient or not giving me sufficient guidance for future management.  The most insulting and frustrating were the standard form consult letters.  The problem with the current consultation process is that there's no easy way to respond to the consult letter and to initiate and maintain a post-consult dialogue between referring HCP and specialist.  As a consultant, I was frustrated by the difficulty in following-up on a referred patient and being available for ongoing advice to the referring doctor.  As a primary health care provider, I needed a way to quickly and easily follow up on their care, transmit information and also to answer their questions.  The Platform solves all of these concerns, with built-in post-visit thread posting and repeat eConfer/eConsult capabilities.

3) BUILT-IN SPEED & SECURITY:  As a referrer both to colleagues and to diagnostic & procedure facilities, I needed the fastest possible, secure, start-to-finish delivery and fulfillment of my requests and requisitions.  The Platform achieves this with its instant, encrypted document upload/download feature.  I needed a connectivity solution that is resistant to compromise by hackers and ransomware.  The Platform achieves this with its unique architecture: a distinct, separate, cloud-hosted Portal with its own dedicated database, for each health care provider.

4) BUILT-IN BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR YOU:  The ConsultSTAT Platform is not just one piece of software, nor is it simply a collection of diverse softwares.  It's a complete, integrated system of health care communication software that is strategy-driven.  We consider "communication" to embrace both information transfer and marketing.  The ConsultSTAT Platform is the first "e$$ SYSTEM", the only health communication system that makes this promise:  

Earn $$.  Save You & Stakeholders Time, Effort, Money.

Your national and provincial professional associations, registration bodies, medico-legal insurers and government health insurers all recognize portal-based communication as the gold standard.  That's why they exclusively employ custom-designed portals for privileged, two-way communication with you.  You, your patients and prescribing health care providers deserve a similar level of speed, efficiency and security when discussing personal health information amongst yourselves. Learn how you can achieve these benefits - at virtually no cost to your pharmacy - by introducing your prescribers to the ConsultSTAT Platform and then becoming a member of each of their Portals.  

Cultivate new revenue streams by placing targeted marketing promotions on select Portals. 

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