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Medical Office Bottleneck Problems Waste Your Time Needlessly

There are two types of medical office bottlenecks which negatively impact the speed of receipt and fulfillment of your prescription renewal/modification requests and ultimately decreases your profitability.  Intra-office bottlenecks result in non-optimal use of your time.  Telephone-on-hold during your prescription renewal/modification requests is a prime example.  Situational bottlenecks occur when you have specific therapeutic knowledge you'd like to share, but the prescriber is either resistant to or unaware of this type of collaboration between primary and allied health care providers.  There are three sources of inter-office inefficiencies which create time delays.  First, mismatch between office communication technologies.  Paper fax, email, efax and phone don't 'talk' directly to each other.  Second, inefficiencies inherent in each of these outdated technologies, particularly those that require paper anywhere in the process. Third: human error.  People forget, or misplace. 

The ConsultSTAT Platform was designed by a dual primary care/consultant physician-Lean Office Process team specifically to optimize health care communication by seamlessly incorporating efficient communication workflows and minimizing staff distractions and inefficiencies... and to do this in a way which makes everyone's job more pleasurable and rewarding.  

The Platform's three unique innovations that solve these problems comprise: (1) replacing multiple, cumbersome technologies and machinery with one online, unified, instant communication technology that you're already comfortable using; (2) incorporating Lean Office Process principles into all Portal workflows for maximal efficiency and economy and (3) telemedicine-enabling the Portals to permit you and an individual prescriber to collaborate in a patient therapeutics eConfer, for which the patient pays.

Combining the online prescription renewal/modification functions of a prescriber's Portal with the Platform's four additional  telemedicine features, lets you communicate more quickly and in a more rewarding manner with your prescriber's office.

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