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You'll Never Want to Use Phone, Fax or eMail Again to Contact Prescribing Doctors!

Maintain Control of Communications with Prescribers' Offices 


Communication delays and inefficiencies cause the key bottlenecks in health care delivery and in practice management. It's time that doctors free up these logjams by replacing diverse, outdated communication technologies with one unified, online communication hub: the practice Portal.

The ConsultSTAT Portal is the practice's exclusive membership website. It provides the fastest, most efficient, most secure form of communication between members and the practice.

It promotes collaborative health care because it is structured like a 'help desk'. Each New Request (ticket) that is created by a Portal member generates a chronologically-ordered set of back and forth discussion entries between the member and the office. The conversation thread keeps expanding until the entire 'visit' or 'consultation' process has concluded to everyone's satisfaction.


Our Platform uniquely provides each health care provider with his/her own distinct Portal. There are three types of Portal: ConsultSTAT-Refer connects consultants with referring health care provider members, to expedite referral appointments and fulfillment. This consultant-operated Portal also connects consultants with the pharmacist members of referred patients.  ConsultSTAT-Services connects diagnostic labs and procedure facilities with referring health care provider members, to expedite test/procedure appointments and fulfillment. ConsultSTAT-Triage connects primary health care providers or specialists with their continuing care patient members. This primary care- or consultant-operated Portal also connects prescribers with the pharmacist members of their patients.

Overview of a ConsultSTAT-Triage Portal: Once logged into this Portal, a health care provider's staff and a patient dialogue online to schedule appointments and exchange related information, such as test results, referral appointment dates, etc. No more overloaded phone lines with patients and pharmacies constantly on hold or generating repeat calls.

At the health care provider's discretion,  ConsultSTAT-Triage patient members are permitted to self-book urgent appointments online into pre-defined booking blocks, without requiring office staff intervention. No jammed phone lines with frantic callers following weekends and holidays.

Similarly, inside the Portal, a health care provider's staff and a pharmacist dialogue online to renew or modify prescriptions. No more phone or fax delays in prescription fulfillment.

Being a Pharmacist-Member of a Prescriber's ConsultSTAT Portal: Inside the Portal, a health care provider's staff and you or your staff dialogue online to renew or modify prescriptions. No more back and forth fax or eFax delays.

In the process, you and the prescriber can also discuss therapeutic issues directly inside the Portal, by text or voice. Transform appropriate cases into collaborative learning experiences.


Only our Portals provide the venue for telemedicine: textual (screen/keyboard) or voice eConsults [online visits] between health care provider and patient and textual or voice eConfers [online conferences] between consultant and referring health care provider on behalf of the patient. This minimizes unnecessary office visits and shortens wait lists.

They generate automatic appointment reminder notifications. This means fewer patient no-shows.

Our Portals provide instant, secure document delivery via upload and download functions, eliminating the need for cumbersome fax & paper transmission or non-secure third party efax or email applications. No more delays and security issues.

They incorporate a built-in intercom system between health care provider and staff, to expedite ordering tests, procedures, follow-up visits and referrals. No more paper notes or missed instructions.

ConsultSTAT Portals uniquely document both sides of the entire patient-office or office-office online interaction. For every stakeholder's protection, each completed conversation thread must be saved to the patient's EMR or paper medical record, in the form of:

- a PDF for every completed online screen conversation thread;

- an audio file for every completed online voice eConsult or eConfer. No more uncertainty about who said 'what' to 'whom'.

In addition to 2-way communication, Portals permit every health care provider and consultant to initiate a broadcast containing educational and marketing information to all portal members at the same time. No reason for patients and pharmacists not to be kept up to date about practice issues which affect them.

Each Portal incorporates built-in analytics tools (Lean Office Process metrics) to objectively assess and improve both the quality of communication and office performance & productivity. No tolerance for rude, uncooperative or inefficient staff.

Every Portal contains its own payment gateway so patients can quickly & easily prepay their health care provider for uninsured services such as eConsults and eConfers. No reason for patients not to save time by booking eConsults for minor problems that don't require office visits, such as prescription renewals or advice.

ConsultSTAT Portals do not replace the practice's electronic or paper medical record system. They are compatible with and complement every EMR, by expediting the transfer and enriching the nature of information that is entered into the medical record.


Watch our short demo tutorials. You'll be amazed how such immensely powerful membership websites can be so easy and intuitive to use, with a short learning curve.

By the time you've finished the tutorials, you'll know your way around the Portal and feel comfortable recommending the Platform to health care providers.  There's a bonus.  Learn how you can qualify for unlimited $50 Finder's fees by endorsing the ConsultSTAT Platform to prescribers.

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