Learn how the Consultant's Staff Converts a Faxed Consult Request to an Online Request


If a referring HCP is already a member of the consultant’s portal, but for some reason has used old-fashioned fax to send the referral request letter, the appointment can be integrated into CS-Refer by the consultant's secretary, who simply generates a “New Request” herself on behalf of the referring HCP.

She clicks New Request from the top right of the screen, selects the referring HCP from the dropdown of members, selects an office location or the e-confer option, indicates the degree of urgency, and referring to the faxed info fills out the required fields. She clicks Send Request, which generates a new status: Booking Request. Unless there is reason to decline the request (by checking "Booking Declined"), she will simply schedule the appointment, adding the time and date to the “Update this Request” field, and clicking "Save Status / Add Reply".

If a referring HCP is not yet a member of the consultant’s portal and is still using fax, the consultant’s secretary will fax back a request to join the Portal, which describes the multiple benefits of so doing and contains a link to these demo videos.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When would a referring HCP's office use a fax rather than make the request online?

What are the most compelling reasons to convince the referring HCP to stop faxing and become a Portal member?