Learn how the Referring HCP's Staff Requests and how the Consultant's Staff Schedules an eConfer on behalf of a Patient


This shows how an eConfer is scheduled.

The HCP or HCP’s staff logs in and clicks on New Request. She selects eConfer from the Office Location drop down menu, then indicates the degree of urgency and fills in all other required information fields. She attaches a referral request letter. Clicking “Send Request” creates an eConfer Booking Request, which is reflected in the updated ticket status. (The status changes from “New Request” to “Booking Request”, with the office location displayed as “eConfer”).

The eConfer Booking Request appears on the Manage Requests screen of the consultant's secretary. She opens the ticket, reads the request and the consult request letter. She then schedules the eConfer. She selects a pre-formatted reply from the “canned response” dropdown menu, then assigns the time and date from the calendar pop-up, pastes the eConfer booking information into the update and saves.

The status of the ticket then changes to from Booking Request to Pre-Consult Approved, with the time and date now visible. An automatic email notification is sent to the referring HCP’s office, alerting them of the booked eConfer.

Here is the referring HCP's notification. She clicks through to the ticket. She sees the time and date of the scheduled eConfer. If this is inconvenient, she may update the ticket and request a different time or date. If the referring HCP is unfamiliar with participating in an eConfer, detailed instructions can be attached.


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