Learn how the Referring HCP Registers as a Member of the Facility's Portal

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Here is how a referring HCP registers on a diagnostic lab or procedure facility's Portal.

The referring HCP clicks "Register" at the top right of the page. She then fills out all required fields, and clicks Sign Up. This generates an automatic email notification from the facility’s Portal to the referring HCP.

Here is the notification in her inbox, indicating that her application has been received.

The facility's secretary will see a new blue tab "Approve New Members" appear in the tab section of her Manage Requests screen. She clicks to open the request and approves the new referring HCP, generating a second email notification to the referring HCP. [Note: When there are no more New Member Requests, the "Approve New Members" tab disappears from the secretary's screen.]

Here is the email notification indicating she is now an approved member of the facility's Portal. She may now log in.


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