Learn how the Facility Dialogues with the Referring HCP's Office about Costly No Shows 


This demonstrates how the facility dialogues with the referring HCP’s office about patients who have not appeared for their test/procedure appointment.

Part 1: The first example illustrates communications between the referring HCP's office and the facility secretary.

On the “Manage Requests” screen, Requests with “No Show” status are indicated in red. The facility secretary opens the Request and selects an update message from the ‘canned response’ dropdown. She Saves.

The Request status changes from “No Show” to "No Show Discussion" and an email notification to the referring HCP's office is generated.

Here is the notification in the referring HCP's inbox. She opens the email, and clicks through to the post. In the “Update this request” field, she asks to reschedule the test/procedure appointment. She clicks "Add Reply".

There is no obvious indication of this new post on the facility secretary’s Manage Requests screen. The Request’s status remains "No Show Discussion”. However, the Request has been added to the facility secretary’s “Waiting for my Reply” tab. She is alerted to the referring HCP's request during the routine task of clicking through the "Waiting for My Reply" sub-menu items. The Request appears in the "No Show Discussion" submenu. She opens the Request and uses the calendar pop up to schedule the new appointment and adds the new appointment time and date to her update. She Saves, This generates an automatic email notification to the referring HCP’s office email.

The ticket status is now "Pre-Service Approved" and the revised appointment time is clearly indicated.

Here is the email notification in the referring HCP's inbox.

PART 2: This example illustrates a dialogue between offices in which the services manager is also involved.

The patient has now missed the second test/procedure appointment in a row. The facility secretary opens the Request, again with “No Show” status, and updates with a reply indicating that because the patient has missed 2 consecutive appointments, the facility will not accept future booking requests for this patient. She Saves.

The status changes to "No Show Discussion" and an email notification is generated to the referring HCP’s office.

Here is the email notification. The HCP’s staff opens the email and clicks through to the post.

The HCP's office replies that the patient had a valid reason to miss the appointment, and requests that the booking be rescheduled again. She selects the "For Services Manager Attention" box and Saves. This directs her reply to the Services Manager, rather than to the facility secretary.

The Request is now blue-banded on the services manager's Manage Requests screen. It also appears within the services manager’s "Waiting for my Reply" tab, in the "No Show Discussion" submenu.

The services manager opens the Request, reads the thread, and replies that he will instruct his secretary to reschedule the patient's appointment. He leaves the “For Secretary's Attention” box unchecked, so that an email notification is sent to the referring HCP. He Saves. The status remains “No Show Discussion”.

He immediately posts a second message, directed to the facility secretary, instructing her to rebook the appointment. He checks the "For Secretary's Attention” box and Saves. The status remains “No Show Discussion”.

On the facility secretary’s “Manage Requests” screen, the Request is now pink-banded and appears in the “For the Secretary's Attention” tab. She opens the Request, updates with the new appointment date in the usual fashion. She unchecks the “For the Secretary's Attention” box and Saves. An email notification is generated.

The status has now changed to "Pre-Service Approved" and the new appointment date and time are clearly visible.

Here is the email notification. The referring HCP’s office will notify the patient of the new consultation appointment details.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the significance of a blue-banded Request?

Does this mean that the referring HCP and the services manager or referring HCP and facility secretary can dialogue back and forth in the "No Show Discussion" status exactly as they can in the "Post Service Discussion" status?

Is there any limit to the number of back and forth posts in either the "No Show Discussion" or the "Post Service Discussion" statuses?