Learn how the Referring HCP's Office uses Tabs to Streamline Daily Workflow


How tabs streamline the referring HCP's office workflow.

The referring HCP's office is alerted to Request updates by email notifications. They open the notification, click the link, log into the facility's Portal and immediately see the new post in the Request thread. Once the update is responded to, rather than logging out of the Portal, the referring HCP's secretary is advised to quickly work through the tabs at the bottom of the screen to ensure that all Requests to the facility are up to date and have been attended to.

She first clicks the “Pre-Service Approved tab and sees that screen is empty. Then she moves on to the “Post Service Discussion” tab. 

After she reviews and attends to them, she clicks the “No Show Discussion” tab. On this screen there are two Requests that require action. She opens the Requests to review and updates accordingly.

Next she clicks the “Booking Declined” tab. In most of these cases, she’ll review the thread in each Request and then click “Close this Request”.

The referring Health Care Provider’s secretary is now up-to-date on all of the patients that have recently been referred to this facility for this particular test or procedure.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How does the referring HCP's office communicate appointment date information received from the facility (about a new secondary procedure appointment with another facility) to the patient...particularly when the patient has no Request active in the HCP's ConsultSTAT-Triage Portal.?

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