Learn how the Referring HCP's Office Requests and how the Facility Schedules a Test or Procedure Appointment 


This shows how a test or procedure is scheduled.

The referring HCP’s staff logs in to the facility's CS-Services Portal, clicks New Request, and reads the instructions in the beige box. She selects the test/procedure, degree of urgency, and fills out the remaining required fields. She attaches a requisition and clicks "Send Request".

You can see the requisition attached to the request post—it will appear in the thread.

On the facility secretary’s Manage Requests page, the booking request is displayed in red, and just to the right of it, the test/procedure, referring HCP, and facility's designated booking secretary are indicated.

The secretary opens the Request, reads the request and opens the attached requisition. She then has three options. She may (i) schedule an appointment; (ii) refer the booking request to the services manager for further consideration, or (iii) decline the request. In this scenario, she schedules an appointment for a test/procedure. After selecting and copying the time and date of the appointment, she fills out the “Update this Request” field by selecting a response from the dropdown menu. She then pastes in the appointment time and date, and Saves.

This generates an automatic email notification to the referring HCP’s office.
A unique feature of ConsultSTAT portals is that all screens update statuses dynamically.

As an example, note that the status of the Request has now changed from Booking Request to Pre-Service Approved, and the time and date of the appointment is clearly listed.

On everyone’s (referring HCP, facility secretary and services manager) Manage Requests screen, the secretary who actually responded to the booking request is now displayed, instead of the booking secretary who is designated for that office.

The new service appointment also appears on both the services manager's and the facility secretary’s calendars.


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