Your ConsultSTAT-Triage Video Tutorials

This video series demonstrates how converting phone and fax communications to online communication inside your Portal increases staff performance and practice productivity. It also teaches you how to operate the Portal from the perspectives of patient, health care provider and HCP's staff. Each video builds on its predecessor, so please watch videos in numerical sequence. This is the best way to prepare for  your live, interactive demo of a ConsultSTAT-Triage Portal! 

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Each video illustrates one unique communication workflow component
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1. Portal Registration

Duration: 2m 7s

How a patient registers as a member of the health care provider's Portal.

2. Office Visit Request

Duration: 3m 32s 

How the patient requests and how the HCP's staff schedules an office consultation.

3. Handling Phone Requests

Duration: 2m 3s

How the HCP's staff converts a phoned office visit request to an online request.

4. Patient Self-Booking  

Duration: 3m 2s

How the patient self-books an office visit or eConsult appointment without staff intervention'

5. Portal Registration for Pharmacies

Duration: 1m 15s

How a pharmacy registers as a Portal member.

6. Pharmacy Rx Renewal Request Fulfillment

Duration: 7m 37s

How the pharmacy requests and receives prescription renewals/modifications from the prescribing health care provider.

7. Office Visit: No Follow-up Visit Required

Duration: 3m 32s

The post-visit communication thread when no follow-up visit is required.

8. Office Visit: Follow-up Visit Required

Duration: 4m 9s

The post-visit communication thread when a follow-up visit is required.

9. Office Visit: Referral to Consultant Required

Duration: 4m 50s

The post-visit communication thread when referral to a consultant (specialist) is required.

10. Office Visit: Multiple Dispositions (a)

Duration: 4m 42s

The post-visit communication thread when tests, follow up visit and referral are required.

11. Office Visit: Multiple Dispositions (b)

Duration: 2m 43s

The post-visit communication thread when multiple referrals are required.

12. Office Visit: Multiple Dispositions (c)

Duration: 2m 11s

The post-visit communication thread when tests, follow up visit and a prescription are required.

13. HCP's Daily Workflow

Duration: 6m 49s

How the tab-based system streamlines and simplifies the HCP's workflow.

14. Consultant Staff's Daily Workflow

Duration: 3m 6s

How the tab-based system streamlines and simplifies the HCP staff's workflow.

15. Handling No Shows

Duration: 6m 30s

The conversation thread between HCP staff, patient and HCP for missed appointments

16. Information Fulfillment

Duration: 3m 4s

How a patient requests and receives information or test results.

17. Staff Triaging of Patient Requests

Duration: 7m 8s

How HCP staff triage a variety of patient requests.

18. Patient-Initiated Dialogues

Duration: 3m 46s

How a patient initiates a dialogue with the HCP and/or staff to request medical advice.

19. HCP-Staff Communication

Duration: 3m 29s

How staff "intercom" the HCP; how the HCP "intercoms" staff.

20. Customizing the Portal

Duration: 3m 33s

How the HCP adds offices and staff to the Portal and customizes instructions for patients.

21. Portal Metrics

Duration: 3m 38s

How the portal automatically generates staff performance and productivity metrics.

22. Same-Day Patient Notifications

Duration: 2m 42s

How office notifies patient that today's appointment has been cancelled or modified.  

23. Broadcasts to Members

Duration: 1m 23s

How the HCP sends educational and marketing information to all patients 

24. Summary of Portal Communication Modalities

Duration: 4m 37s

Summary in graphical form of how the HCP's office schedules and fulfills office visit and eConsult appointments; how the HCP provides advice to a patient; how the HCP broadcasts educational or marketing information to patients.

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