Learn how the Patient Registers as a Member of the Health Care Provider's Portal

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Here’s how a new patient registers for the first time.

Randy would like to register as a member of his doctor’s Portal. On ConsultStat's Welcome Page he clicks "Register" at the top right of the screen.

He sees detailed instructions appear. He registers by filling out the fields. Those starred with a red asterisk are required. He will be alerted if one of the starred fields isn't filled in. He then clicks “Sign Up” to register.

At the bottom of the secretary's “Manage Requests” screen, a new tab "Approve New Members" has appeared in blue. She clicks the tab, and then clicks "Approve" to the right of Randy's name and information to approve his registration.

On the “Manage Requests” screen, we can see that the “Approve New Members” tab has disappeared, because the only pending application has been processed.

Randy received two emails: one immediately after submitting his registration and a second one once his registration was approved. The first email is titled "Registration Successful -- Pending Admin Approval". The most recent email titled "Your Account is Approved!" includes a welcome to ConsultSTAT along with instructions and links to demo videos.

That's how easy it is to register!


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