Learn about Post-Office Visit Workflow when Multiple Tasks are Required (c)


In this patient disposition, the secretary performs a number of tasks following an office visit.

She accesses her current tasks by clicking the "For Secretary's Attention" button at the bottom of the screen and opening each of the tickets in turn. In this patient Request, the HCP has instructed the secretary to send sputum for culture, book an x-ray, phone in a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy, and book a follow up appointment for the patient.

Let's skip ahead to when the secretary has completed the first three tasks. She either revisits the still-opened screen or re-opens the Request. She then unchecks the "For Secretary's Attention" box, updates that she has sent the culture, ordered the x-ray and phoned in the prescription. Now she selects the date and time of the follow up appointment from the pop-up calendar. She copies and pastes the appointment time into the Update Request field and clicks "Save". The status changes to “Pre-Consult Approved”. The creation of a new appointment generates an automatic email notification to the patient, indicating that there is a new post on the thread.

Let's skip forward to the day of his appointment. In the early morning hours, the Request status has automatically changed to “Consult Today” and the patient receives a reminder email notification.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When there is a complex series of tasks for the HCP's secretary, is there a required order in which the tasks should be carried out?

For the tasks given in the example, is there an alternate approach the secretary could have taken?

What is another functional example of manually changing statuses?