Learn how the Health Care Provider Sets Up and Customizes the Portal


This explains how a HCP sets up his portal for the first time and customizes it.

All of the portal settings are accessed from the Dashboard screen menu.

Start with “Settings”.

Instructions: Here are all the fields you may pre-populate with instructions to your patients which will appear on their “New Request” screen.

“Canned Responses": Here is the field in which you can include your own customized, pre-formatted "canned" replies for your secretaries to use when communicating with patients. Your secretary will use them routinely when she updates posts, particularly with booking information. Canned replies are a time-saving feature that facilitates communication by minimizing the need to type and proof-read.

Secretary Designations: Here you assign specific secretaries to each of your office locations. You also appoint one key secretary for each office. One secretary can actually manage all of your offices.

Self-Booking: On the left menu, select "Self-Booking” if you desire to implement this feature for one or more of your office locations. This enables a self-booking option for your patients. To simplify scheduling, you can assign specific blocks of time each day for self-booked appointments. These times may be separately customized for each office location.

In this example, the Self-Booking pane has two offices listed, along with eConsult (which is treated as the equivalent of a separate office). The eConsult self-booking includes both your online AND telephone consultations with patients.

To implement Self-Booking, first, set your open office hours. Then select the duration of self-booked appointments. Here you have the opportunity to toggle self-booking on or off—in other words, you can enable self-booking for everyday, only certain days, or simply not offer the self-booking option at all. Now it is time to set up a template. Here is an example of a template which has already been created.

For each day, you can set the parameters of the self-booking time block (either specific hours only, or the full day) OR create multiple self-booking time blocks within a single day. In this example, Self-Booking has been enabled only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6 p.m.- 7:30 pm. This is completely customizable. It can also be modified separately for the current week and following week.

Office Assignment: Click "New Users" in the left menu. Here you may add new secretaries or office locations. You can manage up to 8 offices in your Portal. Remember: eConsult is considered be its own office location within the Portal set-up.

That is how easy it is to set up your portal.


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