Learn how the HCP's Office Alerts Patients about Same-Day Appointment Change or Cancellation


This demonstrates how staff can notify patients about schedule changes on the day of their appointment.

Here is how the secretary can cancel all of the patients that are booked for today.

On her “Manage Requests” screen, there are a number of Requests with different statuses. In order to view only the Requests with status “Consult Today”, she clicks the “Consult Today” tab at the bottom of the screen. Here you see today's appointments in chronological order, marked in green as "Consult Today".

The secretary opens Billy’s Request and posts that the appointment has been cancelled in the ”Update this Request” field. However, there is no way for her to generate a notification to Billy from within this status. If she checks "Consult Pending Tests/Procedure" and Saves, this does not generate a notification to alert the patient. In order to notify Billy, she Clicks “Show Options, changes the status in the dropdown menu to "Flag HC Provider" and Savea.

This status changes to “Booking Request. Now the "Request Modified- Notify Patient" box is present. She updates with the office cancellation information, checks the "Request Modified- Notify Patient" box and Saves. Now Billy will receive a notification and see the secretary's message explaining that all appointment have been cancelled for the day.

Here is an example of the email notification that Billy receives. When he clicks through to the thread, he will read the Secretary's full message, check the box "Yes, I have noted the information", and Close the Request.

On the Secretary's “Manage Requests” screen, she sees that the status of Billy’s Request is “Copy and Close”. She opens it, creates a PDF of the entire thread, saves it to the EMR or prints it and adds it to the patient's paper file. Then she checks "Yes, I have printed the info" and then clicks “Delete”. Now the Request is deleted from the database.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

From which Request statuses can the patient initiate a dialogue with the office staff?

Is there another way for the secretary to alert the patient of an appointment change or cancellation?