Learn how the HCP's Office Broadcasts Educational and Marketing Information to All Portal Members inside of CS-Triage or CS-Refer


How to utilize ConsultSTAT-Triage, ConsultSTAT-Refer and ConsultSTAT-Services broadcast feature.
Here's how the health care provider can send a broadcast to every member of the Portal at the same time. First, he clicks "Dashboard" in the upper right corner of the login screen.

He then clicks "Email Broadcast" from the menu on the left, and enters the subject and copy of his broadcast. There is an option to send a test broadcast to ensure it transmits. Once the health care provider has proofed the test email, he clicks "Sent Now"

This sends an email notification to everyone's inboxes. Here is a sample email broadcast detailing the theft of computers and servers from a medical office. In this example, no medical records were stolen as the practice opted to use paper records as opposed to an electronic medical record system.

The example demonstrates two things:
First, why communications systems must be kept entirely separate from EMRs. Second, for proper security, HCP's communication systems should be hosted online rather than be office-server-based.

The other two great advantages of the Broadcast feature, in addition to sending mass notifications: Marketing & Education.  Marketing:  Send an email introducing a new product or service that you are offering to your members. The email contains a hyperlink to a page on your own website or even simpler, to the CS-Marketer video web page you've created for this offer.  Education:  Send an email that educates your members about a topic.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the certainty that emails sent via broadcast will be received by most or all members?