Learn how the HCP's Staff Converts a Phoned Office Visit Request to an Online Request


Of course, some patients will still book appointments over the phone. Examples include elderly patients, or new patients who are not yet Portal members. Here is how ConsultSTAT-Triage handles offline patient booking requests.

If the patient phoning is already a Portal member, the secretary can locate the patient on her Manage Requests page within her Select Member Dropdown. If the patient is not registered with the HCP's Portal, the secretary will select Offline Patient. She will enter the patient's information into the required information fields. Once she clicks “Send Request”, the status changes to “Booking Request. The secretary can then book the appointment on the screen in the usual manner and relay the information to the patient verbally if the patient is still on the phone. If the patient is a Portal member, an email notification of the appointment will be automatically generated. Obviously, a patient who has not yet registered on the Portal will not receive any email notifications.

Indicators that this is an offline booking are clearly marked on both the patient’s and secretary's Manage Request screen as well as on the Calendar.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When would a patient use a phone rather than make the request online?

What are the most compelling reasons to convince the patient to stop phoning and become a Portal member?