Your ConsultSTAT-Voice Video Tutorials

This video series demonstrates how easy it is to eliminate phone as an appointment scheduling tool and to implement telephony where it is critically needed: for Telemedicine eConsults between health care provider and patient and for Telemedicine eConfers between consultant and referring health care provider. You'll learn how to conduct remote voice conversations, how to download the automatically-recorded audio files and how to be prepaid online by the patient for these expedited health services.

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Each video illustrates one unique communication workflow component

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1. System Registration

Duration: 1m 33s

How a health care provider registers as a member of ConsultSTAT-Voice.

2. Initiating the Call

Duration: 2m 22s 

How the health care provider initiates an eConsult call to a patient or pharmacist. How the consultant initiates an eConfer call to a referring health care provider.

3. Downloading the Recorded Conversation

Duration: 1m 33s

How the call initiator downloads the completed call audio recording.

4. Getting Paid by the Patient  

Duration: 2m 14s

How the patient prepays the health care provider for the eConsult. How the patient prepays both the referring health care provider and the consultant for the eConfer.

5. Payment Gateway Introduction

Duration: 5m 49s

How the Payment Gateway functions.

6. Additional

Duration: 5m 7s

How the consultant's staff reschedule or cancel an office consult or an eConfer. 

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